Board Members

Amery Burnham

Amery is the Director of Research and Programs for Burnham Rosen Group, a Leadership Development and Consulting Firm based in Boston and London. Formerly the director of The Jacobson Group’s Teaming and Global Leadership Practice, Amery has worked with organizations in a broad variety of sectors to design and manage complex organizational change. Emphasizing strategy integration with leadership interventions and collaboration, Amery has provided training and training programs for global leaders, teams and networks. Areas of expertise include the development of learning and knowledge systems, integrated performance management / strategic alignment systems, collaborative activity value analysis, and sales and marketing analysis integration. She specializes in working with senior leadership to design and implement strategic directives. Amery focuses on the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, learning, motivation, and outcomes. Her academic training has spanned anthropology/mythopoesis at Vassar College the Mind, Brain & Education graduate program at Harvard. Amery is member of the American Psychological Association, the Psychological Learning Network, the Virtual Teaming Alliance, and The International Mind, Brain, and Education Society.

Wendi Goldsmith, CPG CPSSc

Wendi is the President and Co-founder of CUWR. She is recognized as a thought leader in the field of ecological engineering in New England and has worked at the forefront of the flood resilience efforts for New Orleans. She has extensive experience in all phases of project design and implementation for lakes, rivers and coastal areas. She has played a key role in promoting local familiarity and acceptance of green infrastructure methods, and has aided in the logistical planning for innovative projects. Dr. Goldsmith is skilled in the areas of soil science, fluvial geomorphology, biochemistry, landscape design, and wetland management. She also had a thorough understanding on federal, state and local environmental regulatory policy. Her vision, intelligence, and extensive experience provide CUWR with support and technical expertise, enhancing our ability to complete increasingly complex projects. Her combined background in science, policy, and construction using living systems allows her to steer CUWR projects towards successful outcomes in the face of doubt and resistance.

Kimberly Magrini, Esquire

Ms Magrini is Secretary of the Center for Urban Watershed Resiliece, Inc. and serves on its Board of Directors. She is an associate with Ballard Spahr, LLP in Philadelphia in their Public Finance Department and represents investors, developers, municipalities, issuers, and trustees in all types of public finance transactions; including housing and developments, public-private partnerships, and municipal bankruptcy. Ms. Magrini also has developed a knowledge of green financing initiatives, including green infrastructure, PACE financing, and other renewable energy financing options.